“Lost in the right direction” 

Growing up frequenting her family's home on the white sands of Cat Island, Founder & Creative Director Blaine, drew inspiration from the beauty that was around her. Fashion design was always present in her life due to her Mothers career, and came to the young designer as second nature when she first began sketching and exploring art.  Her interests and talents lead to courses and education in Fashion Illustration and Marketing in New York all while balancing a competitive Equestrian career, a double major at the University of Kansas and serving as a proud Delta Gamma. While still at University, Blaine was handcrafting custom pieces for friends and family – a fun pastime that would eventually launch a Gameday & Jewelry Collection in 2009. After transplanting to Dallas in 2013, the brands increasing popularity led to its transformation into a lifestyle brand in early 2014, carrying Ready-to-Wear Apparel, graphic tees and lifestyle items.

Blaine Bowen is inspired by a love of art, travel and philanthropy; while designs are inspired by cultural beauty found at home and abroad.  With each piece reflecting a sense of wanderlust, Blaine collects findings from her travels to incorporate into her creations.  From Istanbul to Ireland, unique findings and inspiration are always incorporated into Blaine Bowen pieces; signature pieces include her recycled vinyl bracelet stacks and unique designs incorporating naturally molted feathers-from ear cuffs and necklaces to bracelets. 

Blaine defines the 'Blaine Bowen Girl' as: 

'...a playful spirit, who sometimes may not have a direction, but she takes a step anyways.  She lives in the moment...just fine with not knowing where she’s going; a laid-back dreamer who falls in love with everything and thrives on spontaneity.  She’s got a love for seeing the world, other cultures and experiencing new things.  She’s a determined protector of the environment, and all creatures, big and small.  She's a carefree-doer who makes the best out of every moment, but is always in search of her next adventure.' - Blaine Bowen, Founder & Creative Director


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