Pay It Forward

Philanthropy is one of the core values that Blaine Bowen was founded upon.  Everyone in our office shares a call to action and change; we don't believe in just talking, we believe in doing.  The purpose of our Pay It Forward Collection is to highlight causes and organizations we are passionate about, and allow you the chance to give back and make a difference.  It's purchasing you can feel good about.  I have always had a passion for animals, the environment and Women & Children's causes.  I've always felt a bit empty, like I was meant for more...to give every fiber of my being for the rights of others and the purity of this planet.  At times, investigating such causes left me feeling empty and helpless.  How could I really help?  Would it really even make a difference?  When I founded this Company, I wanted it to be more than just the superficial.  I wanted it to mean more, be more, and give more.  This platform I have been blessed with has all allowed me to pursue my true passion, giving back to the community and preserving and protecting those causes I find sacred.  I hope through bringing awareness and education, I can impact your passions as well in the process.  Life is one giant wave.  One ripple causing another...that ultimately hits the shore.  I believe that we can cause enough waves, to change the World for the better.  All it takes is doing, not just talking.  Our time on this earth is so short...please join me in leaving a footprint, not a scar. -xx Blaine & Mowglie...AKA CPIC (Chief Pooch in Charge) {Blaine pictured with her Rescue Dog, Mowglie and at 'Hidden Treasures' Restaurant on her Home Island of Cat Island, Bahamas}
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