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Pay It Forward

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Giving back is a core value of Blaine Bowen. I was exposed to third world countries since I was a toddler, I've had a love of animals since before I could even walk, I grew up at our families home in the Bahamas where I was taught a love and respect for not only our Oceans, Beaches and it's creatures...but a general love for our environment and the importance of taking care of this beautiful planet we call home.  I was also raised in a family where compassion was key, and being an asshole was never an option.  We were raised with a very clear message that we were lucky, and the product of the hard work and trials of our parents...their success was never to be confused as 'our success'.  A lesson I will thank my parents for every day.  My mom has always told me stories of how I would stress over the news at any natural disaster or traumatic event, it would throw me into a worried tailspin. I distinctly remembered sobbing in front of the television watching Princess Diana's funeral...I was 10 years old.  But I would watch all of her Charitable pursuits with my Mom on television, wanting to grow up to be just like her.  I always feel like my Mom did such a brilliant job of exposing us to the importance of the Worlds problems, and to remind us just how blessed we are-but that we should always give back in any way we can. 

I've seen people rising at the crack of dawn, walking without shoes to work the rice paddies in the fields of Vietnam...I have seen the tragic conditions of the Districts of South Africa, I have seen the coral reefs and sea life DRAMATICALLY decrease in the place I consider home, the Bahamas.  The memories of the sea life in the Bahamas as a child, almost seem like something I made is insane to comprehend that that much damage has been done in the past 15 years.  I'm telling you first hand, I can find more trash on an out island in the Bahamas than I can sea life.  It is frightening.  I have volunteered for Animal Rescues through work, fostering, fundraising both domestically and abroad for the African Wildlife Fund, as well as taking on the battle against the Dog and Cat Meat trade.  I volunteered at an Equine Therapy facility while at University seeing the benefits first hand of animals with Special Needs Youth....I raised 58K in 10 weeks for blood cancer research in Honor of my God Mother, Sandy.  I joined forces with an organization to personally and professionally take on the fight against Human Trafficking, Breast Cancer and Services for our Active Duty Military and Veterans. 

I don't say these things to pump my own tires, I say these things because I've exposed myself to SO many things and I have a sincere and heart wrenching concern for SO MANY THINGS.  There are SO many causes and I wish I could be involved and help in everything I am passionate about, and that meant that I can't be alone in this.  I also want others to become educated and join the fight & help where they can.  Realistically, we all don't have the time, resources etc.  That's why I created our Pay It Forward Collection.  So your every day purchase or gift, can do some good-for a cause of your choosing, or even browsing my website could potentially spark an interest in a cause without making a purchase.  I will be highlighting new organizations and causes every 6 months-exposing you all to as many things as I can, as well as myself.  We are never done learning, we are never done helping.  If my site even starts a conversation, THAT can be the most important step in making a change.   

I am so excited for our new PAY IT FORWARD capabilities to launch, so we can all do our part...and your purchase can feel more personal and meaningful beyond a material object.  Coming this Summer, you will be able to select any of our charities to donate 10% of your purchase to.

I was raised with the belief that tiny ripples, eventually cause a wave.  Let's start stirring up the water and ride the wave all the way home. 

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